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The technical and informational development produced an A.I. capable to manage the urban space and society. The common sense is based on the discourse of corruption, administrative inefficiency and incompetence as an icon, which both media and industry constructed by their interests, manipulation that led citizens to prefer A. I. as their public administration (the paradigm of managers well programmed and prepared to take care of the people and the city).

But there are those who are not satisfied with these sudden changes in their city and way of life. The will power is strong. They are willing to change it on their own!

Guerrilla gardening is a peaceful activist action that transforms city spaces into gardens without prior permission.

Guerrilla gardening occupies public spaces with the community participation and also occupies other available areas, such as buckets, brasses and other containers. This kind of activism reacts to the logic of the automatize, impersonal and segregating city. Growing food, which is the only indispensable consumption to all human beings, the citizens gain autonomy and emancipate themselves from the centralizing, authoritarian and automated power. Guerrilla Gardening also creates horizontal relations to change radically the socio-spatial dynamics.

Guerrilla Gardening's propose consists on embracing the simplicity as a condition of life, occupying public space and growing another city. By the inevitable need to anyone - food -, autonomy will be achieved by producing their own vegetables in the city.

The game allows the players live an experience with the guerrilla gardening activism, which is the promoter of a peaceful revolution in the urban space.


Gabrielle Saunitti

Gustavo Nagib

Hugo Damião

Juno Cecil

Victoria Lopes


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